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Pinit Racing is a Motorsport Racing & Development Company located in Sequim, Washington. We design and manufacture components that bring increased torque, acceleration and reliability to your vehicle on two wheels. Our products focus on KTM, Husky & GasGas bikes. We also offer in-house DYNO services, custom product design, parts modification and more, including performance ECU mappings for nearly all models and years.


2024 KTM 300 XCW 60 % throttle vs re map.jpeg

2023 300 XC stock vs ECU mapping. Conducted at 60% open throttle.

  • More oil added through the oil pump

  • Better fueling throughout the RPM range

  • Better ignition timing throughout the RPM range

  • No more flat spots and no more bogs

  • Runs smoother and stronger bottom to top

  • Designed to run with injector relocation blocks, or in stock configuration

2024 KTM TBI 300 XC ECU Mapping Services - Flash - Remap
23-24 300 XC-SX ECU performance mapping

4-Stroke ECU Mapping for 2017-2024 KTM & Husky

For 500/501 4-Stroke KTM & Husqvarna Bikes. It has a 30 day money back guarantee.  The only ECU service in the dirt bike industry that has this.  You have nothing to lose.  Not even a competing aftermarket ecu, at more than twice the price, has a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Near perfect fueling. Ranging from 12.8 to 13.5

  • Optimized ignition timing to pull hard throughout

  • Virtually impossible to flame out or stall

  • Rev limiter raised 600 rpm

  • Fan turn on temp lowered

  • All emissions devices turned off

  • Designed for premium pump fuel

  • Your stock map switch still works as normal

  • No delete plugs needed or engine codes

2024 ktm 500 excf stock vs power bundle_edited.jpg
ECU Tuning KTM Husky GasGas - Transparent.png


The smartest thing you can do for extending TPI engine life and simple power increases just got even better!

  • Now with direct oil injection
  • Better fuel atomization
  • Reed screw tops just like stock
  • No fail injector plugs
  • Now Includes injector "split kit'
TPI relocation block direct oil injection KTM Husky GasGas.jpeg
2023 300 Erz.jpg

TPI Fuel Injector Relocation Block Testimonial

"My two current riders are a 2020 KTM XC-W 300 Six Days equipped with your first generation TBI conversion, and a 2023 KTM Erzbergrodeo 300 equipped with your second generation TBI conversion. The TPI bikes are a solid platform with not much to complain about except for the fuel injector placement. I have run 1 ounce of oil with each gallon of gas since I picked them up off the showroom floor, The idea of oil mixing with air, and injecting raw fuel into the transfer ports so close to the cylinder didn't make sense at any time, but I knew I could work around it using premix. Thanks to you, I no longer have to worry about seizures or the longevity of my bikes. With your injector relocation kit properly mixing the gas, oil and air before the reed valve and lubrication getting everywhere it needs to be all the time will make these engines last hundreds and hundreds of hours without rebuilds. I still run 1 oz of oil per gallon premix because 80:1 is just too little lubrication, especially for these high output modern engines. Thanks for coming up with a brilliant solution at such a low price. I would gladly have paid 5 to 10 times as much due to the amount of money I will save on parts, no down time and peace of mind. And for those who don't do their own work thousands in labor costs. To the people who don't believe in your product, it's just a matter of time and hours on the bike before they realize what a mistake it is to not install one of your kits. They will change their tune when they drop their bike off at the scrap yard. I'm not one to put advertising decals on my bike, but I believe in your product so thoroughly that I will make an exception in this case. Thanks for keeping our KTMs rippin' Dave, you are the best at what you do."
2020 XC-W SIX DAYS 300.jpg
2023 300 Erz.jpg

Mark From Minnesota