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ECU Mapping / Tuning for KTM Husky GasGas

For 4-Stroke KTM & Husky

It has a 30 day money back guarantee.  The only ECU service in the dirt bike industry that has this.  You have nothing to lose.  Not even a competing aftermarket ecu, at more than twice the price, has a satisfaction guarantee.

2024 ktm 500 excf stock vs Mapping Power Bundle
2024 ktm 500 excf stock vs Mapping Power Bundle
Our ECU mapping gains over the stock 2024 KTM 500 EXCF. 

In the graph above, the lower orange line is the 2024 KTM 500 EXCF stock bike, run in 4th gear, with a dunlop D404 tire at 103 ft elevation. 


The upper yellow line is our ECU reprogramming for $349.95, our end cap for $149.95 and the reeds pulled out of the intake tract.

SO...Is it a true 65 hp gain?  Seems like it, since it's making 65 hp when the stock bike isn't even running anymore.

WAIT.... Or is it a 68 hp gain?  The graph below is the same bike run in 4th, 5th, and then 6th gear.  The dyno shows the power growing in each gear.  Now maybe that's true and maybe it isn't, but it's interesting.


And did you see the perfect 13:1 AFR line, on all the runs?   The stock run is 14.5 :1.  

2024 500 4,5,6th gear dyno runs_edited.jpg
Our ECU remapping run in 4th, 5th and 6th gear.

Advantages for 4-Stroke Bikes

  • Near perfect fueling. Ranging from 12.8 to 13.5

  • Optimized ignition timing to pull hard throughout

  • Virtually impossible to flame out or stall

  • Rev limiter raised 600 rpm

  • Fan turn on temp lowered

  • Designed for premium pump fuel

  • Your stock map switch still works as normal

  • No delete plugs needed or engine code

What makes our mapping the best?

  • It's 1/3 the price of aftermarket ECUs, with better performance

  • The only ECU on the market with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

  • HUGE performance gains throughout

  • Almost impossible to stall and runs much cooler

  • Has 2 maps - One for power and one for more control

  • Stock traction control switch still works

  • Designed for use with most slip-ons and end caps

  • For use with the reeds taken out of the intake tract

Order ECU Core with Mapping (no mail-in)

This is to purchase a pre-mapped ECU, with no mail-in necessary. Receive a $400 refund when you send your good condition stock ECU back to us within 30 days.

Order Mail-In ECU Mapping for $349.95
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Silver Steel Plate

Before these were offered for service, we farmed a bunch out for feedback and fine tuning.  Here was some of the feedback we got.


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