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2020-24 TPI/TBI Spark Arrestor End Cap for 250 / 300

2020-24 TPI/TBI Spark Arrestor End Cap for 250 / 300


This is a replacement end cap for the 2020-2024  KTM XCW and XC TPI Bike and Husky TE and TX - TPI bike.


It also fits the 2023-2024 XC and SX TBI bikes.


This comes with a spare arrestor element, so you can have a fresh one, if you ever need to clean one.


It also has a 'spooge drain" hole, to keep oil spooge in the can instead of on your muffler.     


Just look at the dyno proven, over 2 hp gain on over rev, that just this end cap provides. And have you realized that we are the ONLY ones, that have any real proof that our exhaust works?


It has a spark arrestor in place, weighs the same as the stock end cap and makes more mid to top power than an aftermarket muffler. It makes more since the intenal core is longer. It’s also quiter than an aftermarket muffler, since it ha twice as much packing. You can easily remove and clean the spark arrestor screen as needed, but it’s not needed much on the TPI bikes. You’ll drill out the stock rivets to remove the stock one and then this just bolts in place.

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