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Silver Steel Plate

Installation Instructions

These instructions cover how to program the end positions of the exhaust control. If work has been carried out on the exhaust control, the end positions must be reprogrammed.

- The engine is off
- Remove the seat
- Pull diagnostics connector (1) off the holder.

Move throttle grip (2) to where it is half open and hold it in position.

Wake-up connect (A) is in the motorcycle's separate enclosure.

- Plug wake-up connecter (A) into diagnostics connector (1).

- Wait for at least five seconds.
√ The end positions of the exhaust control are read. The procedure is clearly audible.
√ The combination instrument lighting is activated, the combination switch lights up green.

- Release the fixing from the throttle grip.
√ The end positions of the exhaust control are programmed.

- Wait until you can no longer hear the exhaust control engine operating.

- Disconnect wake-up connector (A) from diagnostics connector (1)

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