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"I ran your ecu flash Friday for two hours on a variety of mostly rough rocks and roots and hills. Was very impressed, watching your videos I felt the same issues that you stated. And you delivered it was clean from bottom to top, less smoke and spooge at the tail pipe, strong bottom that now climbs through the mid to the top quicker and stronger and much more capable and fun. The best $ 250 I’ve ever spent , can’t wait to ride it again."




KTM 250 TPI ECU 2020-2021.jpg

Custom ECU remapping for your TPI bike. Fill out the form here with your bike details, contact and shipping info.


The purchase cost includes return shipping of your ECU. You will have to pay the initial cost of shipping your unit to our Virginia tuning location.

After your purchase, you will receive an email with information on where to ship your ECU, and what to include in order to properly identify your unit when it arrives.

2024 KTM 300 XCW 60 % throttle vs re map.jpeg
2024 XCW 300 - Stock is on bottom and just this ECU service is the gain.

Advantages for TPI bikes

  • More oil added through the oil pump

  • Better fueling throughout the RPM range

  • Better ignition timing throughout the RPM range

  • No more flat spots and no more bogs

  • Runs smoother and stronger bottom to top

  • Designed to run with injector relocation blocks, or in stock configuration

Advantages for TBI bikes

  • Keeps them from BLOWING UP.  That's a big one

  • These bikes are to lean in the mid and top end , so they like to seize up and ruin cranks

  • Adding the extra fuel needed, throughout the throttle range, lets you add fuel AND oil.

  • You can now run a 40-50:1 oil ratio and still have all the fuel you need

  • No bogging , no flat spots and pulls harder from idle to wide open.

Add in an NGK iex iridium spark plug for improved throttle response.

Order ECU Core with Mapping (no mail-in)

This is to purchase a pre-mapped ECU, with no mail-in necessary. Receive a $400 refund when you send your good condition stock ECU back to us within 30 days.

Order Mail-In ECU Remapping $249.95
Select an item ($)

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Thank you! Please look for an email from us!

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