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#2 -90-Degree Fuel Fitting, all Tanks 2020-2023 4-Stroke

#2 -90-Degree Fuel Fitting, all Tanks 2020-2023 4-Stroke


Fits stock Tanks on 2020-23 bikes and oversize aftermarket tanks on 2012-19 EXCF / XCF-W / FE and FE-S. You get the short Black Spigot that fits tight to all stock and oversize Tanks. So if you change Tanks later, you're set. The 90-Degree Fuel Fitting re-routes the Fuel Line upwards and rearwards instead of downwards.

            This helps prevent things on the trail from grabbing your Fuel Line and ripping it off, which could leave you stranded. Easy installation, A must for the 2020-23 bikes even if it's just to replace the stock 90-Degree Fuel Fitting, as the stock ones don't flow enough Fuel at the higher throttle openings.

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