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KTM 250/390 Adventure Exhaust End Cap - Black

KTM 250/390 Adventure Exhaust End Cap - Black

$119.95 Regular Price
$99.95Sale Price

This is the easist 2 hp gain you can get on your 2020 - 23 390 Adventure.  It's the ONLY end cap or exhaust on the market that has an approved SPARK arrestor.    


How can you conciusly ride off road nowadays without one. 


The muffler cap fits tight to the core, to decrease noise, and there is a good chance you will have to bend the core around a bit with a pair of pliers to get it to line up. The stock core placement is all over the place, so it's just part of the game with this. 


Simple bolt in quite inserts are on the way as well. If you think $99.95 is expensive, just wait until you get the bill for burning down a town!


Quiet insert sold seperatly.

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