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Gas Gas TPI bike injector relocation with DRO (direct oil injection)

Gas Gas TPI bike injector relocation with DRO (direct oil injection)


This is the second version of the Injector Relocation Block.  This block has HUGE improvements over the older version. It has Direct Oil Injection. The port that the oil from the oil pump enters the engine, is now located right between the injectors, instead of way back in the throttle body.


Oil feed line is not included. It is shown here only to demonstrate the product features.

You will Re-use your stock oil feed line


This fits 250 and 300 TPI bikes only


This block has reed screw stops, just like the stock reed cage.  The reed securing screws can no longer back out and destroy your engine.


This block comes with new injector plugs, that can't come out.  They are held in place with the stock fuel rails.


This block comes with the "Split Kit". You can use both injectors in the block, or one in the block and one in the cylinder, for better single track characteristics.


Comes with the throttle adjustment screw and new oil hose


Finally, the new block has injectors in different locations and a hand ground "rougher" intake surface. Both promote better fuel atomization. This means no fuel load up and constant, snappy response.

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