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Code Reader for 2017-2024 HUSKY 4-Stroke

Code Reader for 2017-2024 HUSKY 4-Stroke


Works On 2017 - 2024 HUSKY 250, 350, 450, 501 | FE, FE-S


The new OBD2 code reader from PinIt racing, lets you diagnose and clear engine codes using your phone. It plugs into your bikes diagnostic port and communicates with your phone wirelessly via WiFi.


In addition to clearing code, it allows you to see what rpm, temps and pressures your bike is running at in real time, while it's actually running. No more guessing on things or having to drive to the dealer and pay them to diagnose and clear. It is another great tool to have and can be used on any bike the plug fits.


Works On 2017 - 2024 HUSKY 250, 350, 450, 501 | FE, FE-S

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